Sometimes a negative feeling becomes a way of life. You may feel soory for yourself instead of doing something about the problem that’s bothering you.You maybe annoyed with someone and go around feeling sour and avoiding them so you won’t have to tell them how you honestly feel .

It’s natural to feel disappointed when you get rejected or when you fail to achieve a goal and things don’t go as well as you hoped.It’s important to geieve over the loss of a loved one to surrender to the tears, to the feelings of loss, and to remember how much you cared about the one who died.You may feel remorse when you think of times you may have let that person down. I believe that these feelings , which seem so painful at the time, can be greatest opportunities for growth and for experiencing our humanity , especially if we’re not afaid to feel some pain and some despair .Most people bounce back and carry on with their lives after a period of time. We can only feel healed and whole if we will allow ourselves to feel broken.

On the other hand, when some people gret depressed , they become cynical and hopeless and give up on life. They crawl into bed and avoid pleasurable activities , friends, and work because thet are so convinced that life is pointless and that the future holds nothing but deprivation and misery. This is not healthy sadness but depression.


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