When you’ve recorded your negative thoughts for a week or two , you shoild have a clearer picture of the kind of negative automatic thoughts that trouble you .

Now we need to think about how to deal with them. The first and the easieast techniques is simply to try to distract yourself. This may be most useful if you have many negative automatic thoughts throughout the day . By doing other things that keep your mind busy, you leave less room for the negative automatic thoughts to occupy ypur mind. Increasing your activity levels is a good way to distract yourself; read a book or magazine , go for a walk, listen to music or talk to a friend.

Activity is not the only way of distracting yourself from the negative automatic thoughts. You can also use a range of other methods , even in situations where activity is difficult , examples:-

1- Count all the red objects you see around you, or the number of bricks in a wall , or anything else you can see.

2- Describe to ypourself in your mind , in great detail, what you can see, hear , smell, or feel around you.” The room has white walls , there’s a blue carpet; there are one, two , three chairs in the room, the first chair has a check pattern on the fabric , I can hear the neightbour’s vacuum cleaner ….’ and so on.

3- Repeat the words of a song in your mind. Try to go through the whole song , imagining the music in as much detail as you can..

4- Think of an object , such as a flower . Hold the image in your mind and really concentrate on it. Picture the petals , the colours and the shape of it. Try to imagine what the flowers’s fragrance is like.


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