Unconditional self-acceptance is a key emotional resilience skill. For decades , mental health has been dominated by the importance of self-esteem, the suggestion being that developing skills to improve self-esteem should form the cornerstone of any modern resilience programme.

In fact, the whole thrust of modern psychology is focused on how to boost your self esteem. Countless self-help books and programmes purport to demonstrate how best to achieve this objective. The idea is based on the concept that we can make value judgement about ourselves and , if not content with the result , conjure up skills to increase our self – worth.

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I am going to argue that the hole concept of self-esteem is flawed. I am suggesting a different path , easily within your reach. I am going to teach you how to ‘accept yourself without conditions’ , or, simply, ‘ how to be comfortable in your own skin’ . To do this , we must challenge conventional wisdom-that boosting self-esteem or self-worth is essential for emotional resilience and positive mental health.

Society is comfortable with the world of judgement and rating. Social media is built on this platform. it is a short step from this to believing that human beings can be rated by themselves or others.

Underlying anxiety and depression is the world of negative self-rating. If permitted, our internal emotional mind will mercilessly flagellate us in every way imaginable. I constantly listen to wonderful people describing themselves as weak , worthless, failures, useless and of no value. They assume that human beings can be described as such. My task is to assist them to challenge such beliefs and to become comfortable in their own skins.

I have always believed that the shortcut to true peace in unconditional self-acceptance. It is bedrock of emotional resilience . We could all benefit by developing this skill and practising it repeatedly until it becomes automatic. Acquire it, and your life will be truly transformed .

Before we show you how to develop unconditional self-acceptance , we must consider the world of self-esteem and rating.

I will complete in article 3 soon.


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