The studies in mental health prove that the family breakdown cause serious mental health disorder to their children nowadays.

The breakdown of families now occurs more regularly, leaving children to cope with the consequences of these changes in their family life. Sometimes parents remain friendly after breakdowns, but they can be acrimonious, leading to children feeling depressed, guilty, withdraw and alienated.

Children will therefore require support to help them cope with the relationship breakdown.  The child may feel upset and left out. 

Parents may wish to help children cope with the breakdown.  However, sometimes parents may not recognise that their children are grieving, focussing too much on their own needs.  

Various factors affect how children cope with the breakdown of families; these include –

  • 1-How the child is treated.
  • 2-How adaptable the child is.
  • 3-Divorce makes children feel insecure. The reasons for the


  • 4-The parents’ relationship before the divorce.