Almost everyone who has ever experienced low mood, anxiety or depression will know what we mean by ‘rumination’.For the record , this is when we find ourselves repeating the same types of thoughts over and over again. When we ruminate , we are more likely to think quite negatively about ourselves. our behaviours , the world around us and so on. We tend to judge ourselves negatively. We might compare our actions or ourselves with other people . We might even worry in a general way about why bad things always seem to happen to us.

You might wonder why part of a chapter on changing behaviour in depression should concern itself with a type of thinking .

However, researchers have recently started to understand rumination differently. One way to look at rumination is to see it in the same way as any other behaviour . It is triggered by circumstances , it has a function and it has consequences .

Let’s consider an example:-

I will complete in article 2 soon.


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