Another way in which depression affects memories is that when we are depressed we may tend to generalize .

For example, you might say,’My parents were never there for me ,’ rather than remembering some times when they were there and other times when they weren’t . This can be a problem in two ways .

First , being to be able to access specific memories can help you to weigh them up in a new way , and question whether the lessons that you learned from the memories really are true. you may have reached very distorted conclusions- that your parents didn’t care for instance – as a result of this lack of specificity .

Second, if your memories are generalized you might find it harder to solve current problem because you don’t remember how you have tackled things in the post.

CBT techniques can help you begin to bring specific memories to mind, to examine the accuracy of any distorted , negative conclusions that you may have drawn about them at the time, and also to remind you of more positive events in the wider context of your life . By doing this you may be able to get a sense of yourself as much stronger and more resilient than you currently think you are.


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