Article 1

Another way in which we can stimulate and balance our minds is by being open to the compassion of others.How it’s easy for us to focu on the one person who was unhelpful and completely put out of our minds the other nine who were helpful? So training our attention to be compassionate means each day trying to notice and remember people who are kind to you. It may only be somebody on the bus who smiles, but even ;little things can make a big difference. Your brain will be very good at picking out threats and negatives, so it can take effort to balance and learn to look at the good things.

Depression becomes more stuck when we focus on the things we don’t like, rather than trying to build on the things we do. Keep in mind that this is not your fault, because your brain is naturally oriented towards threat , but one you know this you can make a decision to retrain it.

Article 2

Learning to stimulate compassionate feelings can also be done through imagery. Once again , this works the same way as your erotic fantasies – using imagery on p[urpose to shift our mental state . In this situation, consider your ideal compassionate other.

If you could encounter the most compassionate person in the world, what qualities would they have?

Because they are ideal they will be beyond human frailties such as having off days , and getting irritable or sick! Sometimes people bring to mind a loved parent or grandparent, which is okay to start with , but if it’s someone who has died there can be grief associated with it , which is less helpful .

So ideally , create your own image . This image will have the great wisdom and understanding we mentioned before. It will convey a profound sense of strength and capacities for endurance.

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