Article 3

He would need to observe his friends carefully , or he would have no idea of their reactions. To his surprise , people were as welcoming as ever. In fact, he enjoyed himself more than usual and onr friend said it was nice to see him so relaxed . Ed realised his prediction had been wrong: he had no need to try so hard. He resolved to experiment along the same lines with two other friends the next day.

If you have had your Bottom Line and your Rules for living for some time, a single experiment will not do the trick. Like Ed , you may well need to experiment in different ways and different situations, repeatedly , for some time.

2- Questioning your self-critical thoughts

When it seems your Bottom Line has been confirmed by experience, self-criticism usually follows. If you can catch self-critical thoughts as they happen , you can learn to question them instead of automatically assuming they are true. There are detailed guidelines on how to do this , so all we shall do here is highlighted some key points.

I will complete in article 4 soon.


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