No one on planet earth has not psychological disorder. The clever happiest who can overcome their negative thoughts in short time and change them into positive thoughts in short time too.

From my experiences many years , I see that the secrets of HAPPIEST LIFE are in changing the negative thoughts to be positive thoughts in short time before being serious mental disorders.

Some people say,’ We can’t overcome the negative thoughts, it is so difficult .’

I see it is so easy to overcome the negative thoughts if you insist to try and have a good will too.

The people who suffer from negative thoughts most of the time, easily to do the following ways:

** Talk with honest beloved relatives or friends .

** Walk in the park with the beloved.

** Play some favourite sports or music if you can.

**Watch comedy films or videos.

** Create great plans how be more successful in the near future.

** Go to swim in the favourite pool or sea.

** Write what you like and review it .

** Go to shop what you like if you can.

** Hold a happy event by easy ways .

** Go to in a trip with the beloved.


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