Suicidal thoughts are a common aspect of depression . These can vary from vague ideas that you would not mind not living longer, all the way up to specific and detailed plans for how to kill yourself. At the lower end of this spectrum , you may be able to dismiss the thoughts fairly easily. But at the more severe end , you need to get help to avoid the risk of acting on them. Most depressed people do not commit suicide , and most people who have suicidal thoughts do not act on them, but it is important to take the risk seriously if your suicidal thoughts are getting more severe.

People recover from depression and when they do, they are happy to be alive; don’t take the risk of blocking out that possibility for ever by acting on suicidal thoughts.

If you have frequent or svere thought about suicide and particularly if you have started to plan details of how you would actually carry it out, then you need to tell someone and get help as soon as possible . If you are not already seeing a mental-health professional whom you can tell about these thoughts , then contact your GP.

You might also find it easier to cope with suicidal thoughts by postponing any action , rather than committing yourself to never acting on them. Rather than trying to think how you can get through the rest of your life , it may be easier to plan just to get through the next day without hurrying yourself.


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