The people are born crying , it is the first station to be named , to grow , to learn , to struggle to succeed to find a separated independent life , to have a family or no, to face the bad and good people , to get adult , to get sick many different diseases, then the people feel that the Station of departure from life is approaching to wait for the death time . The life after death ,it is the second station in the grave , then the third station is the judgment day ; GOOD PEOPLE go to the PARADISE , Bad People gob to the HELL. So, we must believe in there is only one GOD.

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So, life is like a tent has two doors , one door to enter and one door to get out; but in getting out there is no return to life again completely.

We must think about life millions of times wisely , W









Bad behaviour with the others

Hurt the others

Rush to collect thousands , millions, billions

And you know you will leave everything in the second station.

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So, it is better to leave the best reputation in life by supporting, helping the others as we can , to improve the life without hurting each other , to grow , to plant for the following generations. God asks all those in Jewish , Christianity and Islam.

So, we must know there is only ONE GOD.