If there be one, try and find it.

Anon says,” For every problem under the sun,

there is a remedy, or there is none.

If there be none, never mind it.”

It may seem strange to have a section on problem -solving in my website. After all, you have been solving problems all your life , and are probably pretty good at it. You do it without thinking , and without even noticing , you are doing it most of the time .

So why do you need to be told ? It is because when you get depressed , your natural problem – solving abilities break down, and the skills that you used automatically before you got depressed may disappear. When problems come , as they inevitably will, they may seem overwhelming and impossible to deal with.

So in this article , we are going to describe the steps you can take to solve problems and get on top of things more easily and thus stop things feeling so overwhelming.

Before we talk about how to solve problems, we need to think about whether there is a problem to be solved. This is important because we have spoken a lot about negative thinking, and the way that depression makes you see everything in the worst possible light. But we also know that not all problems are in your mind . Sometimes there are real difficulties that need to be dealt with.

For any problem that we experience when we are depressed , we need to be able to tell the difference between our negative thoughts about the situation, which we need to tackle as we have already seen, and the problem itself , which we need to tackle in the practical way described here.

I will complete writing in the next article NO 2


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